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When can I buy ecostore products online?

We're aiming for mid-June, but we'll keep you posted with regular updates on this page.

Why does the logo and packaging look different?

The parent company of ecostore USA was started in New Zealand by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in 1993. The products look different because they're coming directly to you from them. Under the direction of the NZ research and development team the range has grown and the formulations have been constantly improving so we're sure you'll notice and love the difference.

Why aren't the products made locally anymore?

The products are made in a state of the art factory in Auckland, New Zealand - read more about it here 

The good health and wellbeing of our customers is a number one priority for ecostore, in fact it's one of the main reasons we're in business. It guides all of our ingredient choices and drives us to raise awareness about the nasty chemicals that are commonly used in ordinary household products. 



Over the past twenty years we've had the privilege of receiving thousands of emails and messages from customers telling us that their allergies, eczema and rashes have improved or disappeared altogether just by switching to our products. You can find these on our product pages, but here are just a few:


While on holiday we shopped at a different supermarket and discovered your laundry liquid. Lo and behold our daughter's eczema cleared up! it was like a miracle! Not only that but we are very happy with how clean and bright our clothes are.



My partner just mentioned that she doesn't have to wash the dishes wearing gloves any more because your detergent is so much gentler on her skin and doesn't make it all "gross" like the detergents I used to buy. 

Nathaniel B


I've been using the dishwashing liquid for a number of years now and the product is great. I suffer from dermatitis so of course I wear gloves but even if I wash without them with ecostore I don't suffer from the skin disorder as I do with practically all other brands. I've just recently discovered your washing powder - brilliant stuff and will be on the look out for other products.



Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most popular questions.

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