Kinder to our Planet

Our products are made with care and respect for our environment.

We use sustainably-sourced plant and mineral based ingredients over petrochemical ones whenever possible and every ingredient is assessed for:

  • Sustainability
  • Biodegradability
  • We carry out comparative ingredient assessments of every product against leading brands to make sure they're better for the environment.
  • We undertake independent environmental testing to make sure that our products are suitable for septic tanks and greywater systems. 



Minimising packaging is our biggest ongoing challenge but we reduce waste wherever we can and use a mix of recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging.

Listed below are some of the things we've achieved in this area:

  • Laundry boxes are 95% recycled
  • Auto dish-tablet boxes are 85% recycled (some virgin material is needed for strength)
  • ecostore bottles are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) code 2 for recycling 
  • The screw-top plastic lids on some of our bulk containers are Polypropylene - code 5 for recycling (Lids have to be tougher to withstand pressure needed to tighten them)
  • We’re testing ways to use post-consumer recycled plastic in our bottles
  • Our polypropylene labels are printed on a clear polyester backing which is fully recyclable and doesn't need to be removed for recycling. Using clear backing and labels also reduces the amount of printing inks and dyes required
  • Water-based adhesive is used to apply our labels
  • We offer refills and bulk sizes in many of our product lines to help reduce packaging and cost 
  • The handy measuring scoops inside our laundry powder boxes are made from 100% post-consumer regrind plastic. Providing a scoop also helps customers to use the exact amount required and helps prevent product waste
  • The plastic trigger spray used on our spray cleaner bottles has no metal parts making it fully recyclable 


Our Auckland-based factory in New Zealand has ISO14001, Diamond Enviromark and carboNZero certifications which guarantees that our products are made with respect and care for our environment. 

ISO14001:2004 (certified Nov. 2010) An internationally recognised standard where an organisation can be certified by establishing and implementing their requirements for an effective environmental management system that mitigates or minimises the potentially negative effects of their operation on the environment. 
Read More about ISO14001

Enviromark Diamond (certified Dec. 2009) Awarded by Landcare Research, a crown institute and New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation.
Diamond is the highest of 5 levels achieved through the implementation of requirements for an effective environmental management system which includes:

- Identification and evaluation of compliance to legal and other requirements
- Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts
- Establishing environmental objectives, targets and programmes
- Performing management reviews and internal audits
Read More about Enviromark Diamond

carboNZero (manufacturing certification 2011) A demonstration of our proactive environmental leadership regarding carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and their impact on climate change.
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to the use of resources (mainly incurred from transport) and associated processes to manufacture the product (e.g energy consumption, use of fuel and the generation and disposal of solid wastes) are measured and quantified using a calculation tool with the programmes for its reduction while any remaining unavoidable emissions are offset. 
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Kosher (product certification 2010) Our licence agreement specifically relates to our dishwashing products, ensuring there’s no contamination of Kosher certified food from our detergents and also that there are no ingredients derived from animal or dairy products.
Kosher dietary guidelines affect people of Jewish faith, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists amongst others. 
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