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Ingredient Health & Environment Used in EWG Rating
Parfum is the name we use on our packaging to depict fragrance ingredients. EWG gives the label Parfum a default rating of 8 as many other brands use nasty synthetics. Most of our Fragrances are components of natural essential oils. toilet cleaner, extra moisturising hand cream, extra moisturising body lotion, volumising shampoo, coconut soap, grapefruit & mint soap, manuka honey & kelp soap, vanilla soap, fabric softener, rinse aid, baby moisturiser, baby soap, dandruff control conditioner, dish liquid, body butter, dishwasher powder, baby shampoo, baby body wash, dry, damaged & colour care shampoo, volumising conditioner, normal daily moisturising shampoo, normal daily moisturising conditioner, dandruff control shampoo, dry, damaged & colour care conditioner, foaming hand wash, multi-purpose cleaner, laundry powder, front loader, sleepytime bath, bubble bath 8 - 8
Low hazard for health although some may find this product irritating on their skin. Plant derived, biodegradable and suitable for Greywater and septic tanks. bathroom & shower cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, multi-purpose concentrate 3 - 3
lemongrass soap 1 - 1
Low hazard for health. Derived from the Blue Gum tree, biodegradable and suitable for greywater and septic tanks. wool & delicates, laundry liquid, baby moisturiser, baby body wash, baby shampoo, bubble bath, sleepytime bath, foaming hand wash, grapefruit & mint soap 0 - 0
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